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Paulina Quinteros | Danza Del Arte


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TRIPTICO by Paulina Quinteros, is a live performance celebrating the life and works of treasured Australian artists, Elena Kats Chernin, Wendy Sharpe accompanied by a fabulous cast of performers, December 15 &16 ONLY!
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December 15, 7:30pm

December 16, 1:30pm (Cancelled)

December 16, 7:30pm


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Early Bird:

Adult $69.90

Concession $59.90

Student $35.00


Adult $74.00

Concession $62.00

Student $40.00



At a time when the language of contemporary dance has become all too ubiquitous, it is refreshing to see Quinteros building upon the legacy of great women choreographers. Limelight magazine ★★★★ November, 2022.

One cannot help but feel privileged to see Kats-Chernin playing in this context. This is what it must have felt like when the great composers gave command performances in the European courts of days gone by. Limelight magazine ★★★★ 2022.

Wendy Sharpe is one of our most highly regarded contemporary artists. She has created a distinctive pictorial style that speaks directly to a long life in art, lived with unabated energy, force, humour, humanity, and generosity. Chris Saines, Director Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art 2023

Presented By
Paulina Quinteros | Danza Del Arte

Produced and created by Paulina Quinteros.

How often does the art we see reflect our own experiences back at us?

How often do we celebrate that, which is, both homegrown and informed by all we know of the wide world abroad and around us?

TRIPTICO is a celebration of the power of performance.

We unify different art-forms and in doing so, we pick out brief windows into shared experience that tell our audience:

‘We are not so different, you and I.’

An innovative dance theatre collaboration, the work is a laudation of creativity, featuring some of Australia’s most prolific and exciting female artists, Composer Elena Kats-Chernin AO, Visual Artist Wendy Sharpe AM, and a cast of some of Australia’s finest dancers, singers, and musicians at the pinnacle of their craft.

Elena Kats-Chernin will be playing live, immersed in a rich visual environment featuring the paintings of Wendy Sharpe, accompanied by Paulina Quinteros’ stunning choreography.

TRIPTICO is a show to be experienced, a feast for the senses.

A show not to be missed.


Producer: Paulina Quinteros
Artistic Director & Choreographer: Paulina Quinteros
Composer: Elena Kats-Chernin AO
Visual artist: Wendy Sharpe AM
Lighting Designer: Toby Sewell
Video Designer: Rose Mulcare
Set and Costume designer: Liv Hutley
Couturier: Bowie Wong
Technical manager: Angus Denton

Teaser Video: